House of Commons Parliamentary Papers
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Help: HCPP Home page



What is available from the Home page?

The Home page contains useful ways of accessing the information contained in HCPP.


This link takes you to the search page so you can begin using HCPP to find what you are interested in.


Depending on your subscription options, you can browse parliamentary papers by century, or select to browse Peter Cockton's Subject Catalogue of the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers, 1801-1900, or Diplomatic and Consular Reports. You can also browse our Hansard collection by date, and our Constituency, Member and Office databases by name.

Information Resources

This area includes news on recent and forthcoming additions to HCPP, resources for users, content and editorial policy, the product demo and contact details.

My Archive

My Archive gives you password-controlled access to items you have stored from previous sessions.


You can use the Help link if you are unsure what to do.